Dragon Kindred

by John Grant Bunner

Dragon Kindred Cover

above by Michael Vincent Manalo

If you are looking for another cookie-cutter fantasy book, this is not it.

Dragon Kindred is the odyssey of a Minor Noble from the Athos Empire.

He is a Legionnaire who encounters many difficult challenges in his life and is compelled to confront the evil around him.

The story begins slowly as you are drawn into his world.

There will be sword-fighting, miracles, magic, sacrifice, escapes, monsters, slavery, prejudice, rescues, treason, dragons, and a whole lot more.

Its a fun read for the thinking person, who enjoys stories of brave knights and heroic courage.

Dragon Kindred is a complex story with many subplots.

You will most likely want to read it twice to fully discover the richness of the story and its characters.

Its also a great book to read aloud with younger children chapter by chapter.

Looking for a dragon story with substance?

Happy when reading a big book that you can't put down?

Do you believe in the battle of virtue against all that is wicked?

If yes, then Dragon Kindred is for you.



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