“Look, like it or not, you went out of your way to save my life and now I owe you.”

Ferro Aljenon

“You’re lucky the commander believes in fair play, human.”


"Can you really heal me? I will give you anything, if you will."


“I apologize, little brother, for any distress or inconvenience I may have caused you.”


“My brave warrior, it is not your time to die."


“Have you seen two rowdy young princesses come this way?”

Stephon Corval

Stephon Corval

above by Diego Rodriguez

Seth Crimson

Seth Crimson

above by Diego Rodriguez

“Constance, my dear sister, if I was to accidentally hurt you I would never be able to forgive myself; and father would probably kill me.”

Alexander Darling

Alexander walked cautiously over to the white mass that was sending up small tendrils of smoke.


For some reason she gave him the impression of being mischievous.


As she played, the sensation of time passing seemed to stop, and everyone just sat or stood where they were until the song ceased.

Tiberius Malthus (the 3rd)

Seated upon the throne was King Tiberius Malthus… the Third, though the boy had forbade anyone, on pain of death, to say that he was the third to have that name.


“No, I don’t think there is a polite way to turn him down.”

Archer Rankin

The scars he carried from the brawls suffered during his duties as marshal did not help his looks, or his attitude.


“Much that was odd about you is finally explained.”

Ringdove Maslock

“Pardon me for asking but is Ringdove a common name for a dragon?”


“Most people just call me Negotiator because I make most of the big deals for the guild.”

the Old Man

Then the Old Man smiled, showing his perfect white teeth


Then Alta-Mes cleared his throat and shouted, “Ungrateful people! I feel better now.”

Arthuria Saberelle

“When did we become rivals?”



above by Psdelux and used with his gracious promission

Psdelux on Art Station

In that instant, he saw in her a reflection of himself.


“Your company and protection, in exchange for traveling with us and dining at my table?"

Benjamin Telmaris

“Honestly, I wish I could make more exceptions to the rules."

Anwar Thaj

His skin was badly sun-burned, his lips were parched and cracked.